An advanced health care directive (also known as a living will or medical directive) is a legal document through which one specifies what specific actions should (and should not) be taken regarding their health if they become unable to make or communicate such decisions on their own behalf because of illness or incapacity. Planning ahead with an advanced health care directive relieves loved ones from having to make stressful decisions in moments of sorrow and grief. These legal documents help to reduce or eliminate confusion, uncertainty and disagreement about the decisions to be made on behalf of a person. Common decisions made through advanced health care directives are those regarding the use and nonuse of life support, in the event that such a necessity arises. Without an advanced health care directive in place, these very important decisions will be determined by the laws of the state. As such, it is important to plan ahead and maintain control over the decisions to be made regarding your health care by preparing an advanced healthcare directive.

Due to the complexities and nuances which effect the enforceability of these documents, the assistance of a skilled attorney is vital. An attorney will ensure that the document is carefully drafted and in alignment with your wishes and requirements.


These legal documents, sometimes referred to as Medical Power of Attorney, have the purpose of designating someone to be your representative (or agent) if you ever become unable to make or communicate decisions regarding your health care. Generally, the agent you select would be a person whom you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf and in accordance with any particular wishes you may have. It’s common for parents to designate their children or other close relatives to serve as their representative in these matters. However, to ensure that the selected representative(s) can effectively make such decisions, a formal and carefully drafted document must be prepared. A knowledgable attorney can gather the necessary information and prepare the document for you while ensuring that your goals and objectives are met.

Our attorney can assist you by carefully drafting a health care directive that ensures your medical wishes will be carried out. Additionally, we can prepare a health care power of attorney which gives a family member or friend control of all health care decisions leading up to a person’s death. Whatever your needs and objectives may be, we have the skill, knowledge and compassion to effectively assist you and help you achieve your goals.

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