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The Justice Attorney Group is a family law firm founded upon a passion for fostering justice and fairness through relentless advocacy and strategic practice of law. When Mr. Rassamdana decided to go to law school, he was motivated by the desire and dedication to serve those in great need, the underclass, and those with limited access to the justice system. That passion and value lived on to manifest itself in the form of our law firm, the Justice Attorney Group.We strive to manage each client’s case compassionately, efficiently, professionally and to the best of our abilities. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that all needs are met, questions and concerns are addressed, and that all available courses of action are explored. It is our belief that a good lawyer is one who is genuine and trustworthy. That belief is embodied in our unrelenting drive to assist and represent each client in the most effective manner possible. All of our efforts are aimed at achieving the best results for each client and ensuring that each client is completely satisfied.


Our mission is simple, we want to provide effective and affordable legal representation with the strictest fidelity to justice. It is our goal to provide the quality of legal representation that we ourselves would expect if an attorney was handling our case. Through strong and effective legal representation, we aim to promote the confidence in our clients to recommend our services to friends and family. Our unique and creative legal strategies, which differentiate us from other law firms, provide for alternative sources of remedies which work to the benefit of our valued clients. Above all, it is our mission to stand up for those who cannot fight for themselves.